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  • Homealexa Large Strong Kitchen Cleaning Carry Tray Caddy Tidy Organiser Cleaning Tool Utility Caddy Storage Gardening Home Bottle Carrier with Handle (Mint Green)
    Product Specs :
  • PLASTIC CADDY WITH HANDLE - The cleaning basket's smooth curved handle makes it easy to grab, making it the perfect cleaning product transporter for your home. This is ideal for storing and transporting all of your cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, and other little stuff. It would be great for bottles in the bathroom as well as cleaning products.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE SOLUTION - Cleaning caddy with plenty of space to organise and transport all of your cleaning supplies around the house. For added convenience, the handle has a multi-part storage portion. While you're cleaning, our storage caddy can help you store all of your cleaning supplies and tools within easy reach.
  • DURABILITY - The Cleaning Plastic Container with Handle is built of long-lasting, high-quality materials that will last you years, not weeks or months. It's also light in weight and easy to transport. Carrier for soap and cleaning supplies that is specially designed with water-draining gaps. For all of your gadgets, this storage box offers deep sections. You can transport all of your tools without fear of damage. You may carry all of your tools without fear of anything slipping out accidently.
  • 2 SPACIOUS STORAGE COMPARTMENTS – Large organisers are located on two sides of the caddy. They're all the right size, with enough of room for cleaning supplies. Cleaning products, utility tools, shoe cleaning materials, handicraft materials, drink cups, coffee cups, water bottles, and other items may all be stored in the caddy organiser, which has two big compartments and a convenient handle.
  • MULTIPURPOSE HOME ORGANISER - This multi-purpose caddy organiser isn't only for cleaning supplies. It can be used to store objects around the house, such as in the bathroom, as a tool tray in the yard, or as classroom organisers in schools. You can carry this portable caddy inside the car or around the house, garage, and garden thanks to its strong and practical design. It's ideal for cleaning professionals to store and transport cleaning supplies.